Saturday, March 31, 2012

Filmmaker David Pearl Presents
April 28th at 7:30p
Wild Willow Farm in San Diego

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I'm happy to announce the San Diego Premiere of PolyCultures: Food Where We Live.  This will be a very special screening!  It's the kick-off to this year's Cultivating Food Justice week.  It's also the 15th event in "Food for Thought," San Diego Roots' film series - and the first to be introduced by one of the filmmakers.

It's an honor to be involved in this project - for those reasons, and also because it's a homecoming of sorts for me.  I lived in San Diego for five years (until 2008), at first as a line cook and then developing a strong interest in sustainable agriculture while doing a tech job downtown.  Acting on that interest, I spent the next three years in my hometown Cleveland, first collaborating with Director Tom Kondilas and Executive Producer Brad Masi to make this documentary, and later coordinating the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coalition.  Cleveland will always be in my heart, but it feels great to be back in California and seeing some of the many inspiring projects happening out here through that lens (so to speak).

If you're in San Diego, I hope you'll consider joining us April 28th at Wild Willow Farm.  This will be about the 20th time I've presented PolyCultures, and the first time I've screened it on a farm.  Wood-fired pizza, good people, warm spring weather (hopefully!), localism in action - what more could you want?

For details click here.  For clips and trailers, see the post right below...


  1. wow!!!! how exciting! I wish I was that close. I am 17.2 lbs down and 122 to go :/ But I am excited too, because It’s coming off slow and staying off! estetigi

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