Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So when I last posted I mentioned how we were planning on doing a variety of things in April to make the movie available at the start of May. We've never done many of these things before and so we're running a few days behind schedule - we expect all to be up and running by the end of this week. This phase has become a collaborative effort with several people beyond LESS, and we're really excited to share the results once they're in proper shape! Check back here soon for more info...

In other news, I acquired some worms today and we've recently procured some new seeds (including some at the very-fun Rutabaga Nights on Saturday), so the LESS garden is about to be expanded!


  1. Hello,
    I am the Director of Campus Ministry at a small liberal arts college. I saw your film at the Great Lakes Viewing at the CIFF. I would love for some of our faculty and staff to view the film. Will it be available for educational use?

  2. It will be available for educational use. There are a few different licenses that will be available. If you send me an email at info@lessproductions.com or just check http://www.lessproductions.com Monday I'm sure you'll find what you need.